iran food + bev tec

21st International Food, Beverage & Packaging Technology Trade Fair

30 May – 02 June 2014 Tehran International Fairgrounds

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iran food + bev tec 2014: Positive political developments pave the way for another remarkable event!

The recent political developments give the exhibitors all occasion for a positive outlook on the 21st edition of iran agrofood - see also: Washington Post of 13 Jan 2014.

The food, beverage and packaging technology trade show iran food + bev tec, the food, beverages & hospitality exhibition iran food + hospitality and the agricultural fair iran agro all take place May 30 to June 2, 2014 at Teheran International Fairgrounds.

Iranian President Hassan Rohani declared that his government’s highest priority is to overcome  the economic challenges in Iran by encouraging positive interaction with the international community. It is against this background that the organisers expect an upward trend also for iran agrofood 2014.

iran food + bev tec 24/7!

Exhibitors and visitors stay in contact the whole year via the ”agrofood industry portal”, the interactive online community. This Online Market Place has been established in 2012 and it is the first of its kind for an international exhibition in Iran!

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