Special Showcase Bakery, Pastry & Foodservice

A Special Showcase Bakery, Pastry & Foodservice will be presented for the first time in 2017!

Meet bakery, pastry and foodservice exhibitors in hall 38B, but also in halls 38, 38A and 20-22 as well as in the food ingredients’ halls 35 and 18.

Top exhibitors Bakery, Pastry & Foodservice include …

Aasted  //  Alpine Engineering  //  Altinbilek  //  Antarctica  //  Aronpak  //  AZO  //  AZO Liquids  //  Baker Perkins  //  Barth-Thermo Future Box  //  Bezzera  // Bras  //  Bühler  //  Carpigiani  //  Cavanna  //  Chemtech //  CMS Compact Milling Systems  //  CT Pack  //  Dongtai Chaoyang Food Machinery  //  Equipmentimes (Dalian) E-Commerce  //  Facem - Tre Spade  //  Faraz Balabar Akam  //  FIC  //  Gemni International  //   Haas Food  //  Hayssen (Simionato) Integrated packaging systems  //  Huapu Food Machinery Manufacturing  //  Iceteam 1927-Cattabriga  //  IPS Integrated Packaging Systems  //  Jinan Darin Machinery  //  Küppersbusch Großküchentechnik  //  Mazzoni  //  MINERVA OMEGA  //  Nemox International //  Newsmith Stainless  //  OCRIM  //  OPEM  //  Pisto Maschinenbau  //  Porteghal Talaee  //  Sangati Berga  //  Shandong Luerya Machinery Manufacturing  //  Shanghai Bokni Refrigeration Equipment  //  Shanghai Kui Hong Food Machinery Factory  //  Shanghai Yuyin International Trading  //  Shantou Xinchuang Food Packing Machinery  // SOVIMP  //  SPAD  //  Superfrost  //  Technodaghigh  //  Technogel  //  Ugolini  //  Walterwerk Kiel  //  Zeppelin Systems  //  Zumoval

Exhibitor profile

Equipment and supplies for
bakeries and pastries - artisan, wholesale and industrial
ice cream production
chocolate and sweets production
foodservice equipment

Visitor profile

artisan, wholesale and industrial bakers
chocolate, confectionery and ice cream professionals
bar & café professionals
executive chefs
f & b professionals
hotel & hospitality professionals
ice cream professionals
pastry chefs
restaurant professionals

Vera Fritsche - VDMA Food Processing and Food Packaging Machinery

16.5 million tons of packaged foods had been sold in Iran in 2015. The demand is expected to rise by 3 percent till 2020.

Baked goods are by far the largest segment within the packaged food category.

Sales in 2015 amounted to 8.6 million tons.

Especially packaged bread is gaining popularity in Iran. It is expected that packaged bread will grow by 19 percent until 2020.

Iranian consumers like it sweet.

With a total volume of 180,000 tons (2015), Iran is the largest confectionery market in the Middle East and one of the most important sales markets worldwide.

It is expected that the demand will rise by 6 percent until 2020.

The growing demand for processed and packaged food and beverages is reflected by the demand for food processing and packaging machinery. Iran is the third largest sales market for food processing and packaging machinery in the Middle East.

Iranian imports in this sector, from the EU-28 countries alone, increased by 34% to EUR 211 million in 2016.

One of the important targets of the Iranian government for the next years is the modernization of the agricultural and food industry to provide the population with affordable, high quality food products. They increasingly promote industrial food production.”


Find more of Vera Fritsche’s findings on the Iranian market here.