Special Showcase Bakery, Pastry & Foodservice

A Special Showcase Bakery, Pastry & Foodservice was presented for the first time in 2017


64 bakery, pastry and foodservice exhibitors from 13 countries were present in halls 38, 38A and 38B and bakery and confectionery ingredient exhibitors in halls 10 & 11, 18 and 35.

The exhibitors came from Austria, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Exhibitors highly satisfied with Special Showcase Bakery, Pastry & Foodservice 2017

88% would recommend the Special Showcase Bakery, Pastry & Foodservice 2017

79% satisfied or very satisfied with the Special Showcase 2017 as a whole

79% find the agrofood industry portal helpful to promote their products

77% satisfied or very satisfied with the number of visitors

73% satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of visitors

72% satisfied or very satisfied with the services of the organizer fairtrade

70% satisfied or very satisfied with chances of business after the show

Top exhibitors Bakery, Pastry & Foodservice included …

Aasted  //  AEPI Industrie  //  Alpine Engineering  //  Altinbilek  //  Apex Machinery and Equipment  //  Aronpak  //  AVA  //  AZO  //  AZO Liquids  //  Baker Perkins  //  Barth-Thermo Future Box  //  Bezzera  // Bras  //  Bühler  //  Carpigiani  //  Cavanna  //  Chemtech  //  Clextral  //  CMS Compact Milling Systems  //  CSF Inox  //  CT Pack  //  Dongtai Chaoyang Food Machinery  //  Equipmentimes (Dalian) E-Commerce  //  Facem - Tre Spade  //  Faraz Balabar Akam  //  FIC  // Fimar  //  GEA  //  Gemni International  //   Haas Food  //  Handyware China Engineering  //  Hayssen (Simionato) Integrated packaging systems  //  Huapu Food Machinery Manufacturing  //  Iceteam 1927-Cattabriga  //  IPS Integrated Packaging Systems  //  Jinan Darin Machinery  //  Küppersbusch Großküchentechnik  //  Mazzoni  //  Mectiles Makina  //  MINERVA OMEGA  //  Nemox International //  Newsmith Stainless  //  OCRIM  //  OPEM  //  Pallmann  //  Pisto Maschinenbau  //  Porteghal Talaee  //  Rahnamoon  //  Sangati Berga  //  SAP  //  Shandong Luerya Machinery Manufacturing  //  Shanghai Bokni Refrigeration Equipment  //  Shanghai Kui Hong Food Machinery Factory  //  Shanghai Yuyin International Trading  //  Shantou Xinchuang Food Packing Machinery  // SOVIMP  //  SPAD  //  Superfrost  //  Technodaghigh  //  Technogel  //  TMCI Padovan  //  Twin Pack  //  Ugolini  //  Walterwerk Kiel  //  Zeppelin Systems  //  Zumoval

Testimonials 2017

Mr Michael Pipenbrock, Business Unit Manager - Zeppelin Systems GmbH

Since 30 years, Zeppelin is active in Iran, formerly under the company Reemelt. The strong relationship between Iran and Germany is a good basis for business. We are able to supply equipment and lines with international standards.

Our main target for this year’s show is to get a lot of orders and up to now we are very satisfied.

Due to the good result of the past elections Zeppelin is looking optimistically into the future.

Mr Reza Yassemipour, Head of Project Planning & Technical Services - Franz Haas

Haas has been operating in Iran since 40 years and Iran is a high potential market.Our products suit the Iranian market, due to its attractive shapes.

Iran is an expanding market with a big population consuming our final products.

The main target is that to continue our business in Iran and we are satisfied with the results we have here at the show. 

Mr Alan Mordue, Sales Manager - Baker Perkins

Baker Perkins has been active in Iran for a number of decades with many installations in the biscuit and confectionary markets. The Iranian market is important to Baker Perkins as over 80% of our business is in export and now with the sanctions lifted, we can be active again in Iran.

Iran has a need for more food and as a manufacturer of equipment for Biscuit, Cereals, Snacks & Confectionary as well as bread; we are ideally placed to serve this need. This coupled with our well build technical solutions; we offer robust solutions that will last for decades.

Personally I thoroughly enjoy Iran and the Iranian people who are very friendly. Unfortunately, this is not how the media portrays the country and this makes it difficult to do business. The main purpose here at the show is to meet new customers, as we already know many of the main players, but perhaps not all 

Mr Ricardo Fontenelle, Technical Sales Consultant - Sangati Berga

Our company is active in Iran for 5 years now. The market is important for us because it needs high quality machinery and technology.

Until last year we believed the Iranian market would be more open to external companies but the situation isn't advancing as fast as expected. We are continuously searching for alternatives to do business between Brazil and Iran.

Our main target is to cosolidate the negotiations already completed in and to extend our options and contacts in Iran increasing our participation at iran food + bev tec. 

Marc-Oliver Schneider, CEO, Guido Giesselmann CFSP, Sales Director International, Bernd Geiger, Business Development Manager Middle East - Küppersbusch Großküchentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

We are active in Iran since two years and we made the experience that these is a high demand for robust and reliable food service equipment (commercial kicthen appliances)

Since over 140 years Küppersbusch produces high quality products - Made in Germany. We offer cooking products for all needs for restaurants, caffees, caterers and airports. Our applications run with gas, electric, or pressure steam.

These is a high demand for replacement of old equipment. Some kitchens are older than 20 years. Iran is in need of robust and reliable kitchen appliances.

We want a better understanding of the Iranian market and it's players. To build up a prospering business it is necessary to seek for reliable and long term partnerships. Our goal is to expand our network during this expo. 

Exhibitor profile

Manufacturers and/or distributors of equipment and supplies for
bakery, confectionery and snack production - artisan, wholesale and industrial
coffee, chocolate and ice cream production
• foodservice

Visitor profile

artisan, wholesale and industrial bakers
chocolate, confectionery and ice cream professionals
bar & café professionals
executive chefs
f & b professionals
hotel & hospitality professionals
ice cream professionals
pastry chefs
restaurant professionals

Vera Fritsche - VDMA Food Processing and Food Packaging Machinery

16.5 million tons of packaged foods had been sold in Iran in 2015. The demand is expected to rise by 3 percent till 2020.

Baked goods are by far the largest segment within the packaged food category.

Sales in 2015 amounted to 8.6 million tons.

Especially packaged bread is gaining popularity in Iran. It is expected that packaged bread will grow by 19 percent until 2020.

Iranian consumers like it sweet.

With a total volume of 180,000 tons (2015), Iran is the largest confectionery market in the Middle East and one of the most important sales markets worldwide.

It is expected that the demand will rise by 6 percent until 2020.

The growing demand for processed and packaged food and beverages is reflected by the demand for food processing and packaging machinery. Iran is the third largest sales market for food processing and packaging machinery in the Middle East.

Iranian imports in this sector, from the EU-28 countries alone, increased by 34% to EUR 211 million in 2016.

One of the important targets of the Iranian government for the next years is the modernization of the agricultural and food industry to provide the population with affordable, high quality food products. They increasingly promote industrial food production.”


Find more of Vera Fritsche’s findings on the Iranian market here.